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My new icon is the best one ever!

Made by the wonderful angelwhoisinlovewithyou <3


T-shirt worn at Finncon created by angelwhoisinlovewithyou :)

Commission for AMAZING AND BRILLIANT Euclase <3 <3 

It was the great honour to make a commission for her <3



Prices went little up since I calculated that it kind of TAKES time to draw the commissions they way I wish them to be so ^^ and money is needed^^

Rules are simple: You order- I accept the commission- I make the art- you pay- I send the pic to you. (unless you want to see the lineart before paying, then please inform me about it ;)

You can print it or do whatever you want to do with it until you won’t sell it or make any profit out of it. That’s not cool man. I’ll post your commission on my tumblr or my deviantart unless you say you don’t want me to coz for example you want to keep it just for yourself.

I also accepts all other kind of commissions not only characters, so feel free to propose whatever you wish to get ^^

(Coz of apprenticeship and some driving stuff please give me around a week to finish your commission :))

I’m gonna open commisions tomorrow

I forgot the one thing that ALWAY makes me feel better and it’s Arty. Time to kick his lazy ass and start some fun ^^

When people already reblog my post with a spelling mistake…..


This actually kind of happened

I think he looks pretty cool though XD

Btw, commissions will be open again somewhere this week.

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In moments of great pain I still will have my slalamba <3 <3 <3

this is comic I did like….2/3 years ago from summer we spent together, it makes me smile so much.

Thank you Mika my beloved friend for sticking with me all that time. I love you <3

Locke Lamora from Scott Lynch’s Gentlemen Bastards series.