Refusing to be an adult

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOOO YOUUUU HHHAAAAPPPYYYY BIRTHDAY DEAR MATTI HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!! *I hope you can just hear my gorgeous voice singing for ya XD) have an awesome day!! You are getting older HAHA HA ekhm… *HUGS*

Dude! This is awesome and I am crying thank you

Art by: Angelwhoisinlovewithyou

Did it while ago. I think we all have some demons that makes our lives so hard….

Of course I will finish those two I still have. But I’m not taking more.

Due to lack of time and the need of getting back to my student’s life.


Dear Cece and Charles. This what happens when you name your kitty cat after one of my most beloved characters in the history of literature

P.S  The other kitties are of course Raf and Max >;]

Satanic nature of cramps

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Little fox

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First part of the comic about “a small problem” which is super cute and I can’t wait to start work on the next chapters.

4 years gap

I think I got better…^^